More Verses

2.  We would see Jesus, Mary’s Son most holy,
    Light of the village life from day to day;
    Shining revealed through every task most lowly,
    The Christ of God, the life, the truth, the way.
3.  We would see Jesus, on the mountain teaching,
    With all the list’ning people gathered round;
    While birds and flow’rs and sky above are preaching
    The blessedness which simple trust has found.
4.  We would see Jesus, in His work of healing,
    At eventide before the sun was set;
    Divine and human, in His deep revealing
    Of God *made flesh, in loving service met. [*and man]
5.  We would see Jesus, in the early morning,
    Still as of old He calleth, “Follow Me!”
    Let us arise, all meaner service scorning;
    Lord, we are Thine, we give ourselves to Thee.
*Alternate text.