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    T:O Little Town Of Bethlehem
    C:Traditional Christmas Carol
    C:Arranged for NAF by Julia Gatliff (easier fingering)
    d | d d =d ^d | f e "_*" c c | B ^A/B/ c F | d3 d |
    d d g f | f e "_*" c c | B ^A/B/ d c | B3 d |
    d d c B | ^A2 A A | "_*" B ^A B c | d3 d |
    d d =d ^d | f e "_*" c g | f B d3/2 c/ | B3 z |]

Arrangement Note: To keep this melody easy to play and avoid the difficult half-hole fingering, 4 notes marked with an asterisk ( * ) were replaced with an easier note/fingering. Alternatively you could play these notes with all holes covered except for the bottom hole, which you would leave half open. In practice this is easier said than done. Typically flutes with large finger holes are easier to perform this technique.