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    T:Cherokee Morning Song
    C:Arranged for NAF by Robert Gatliff
    c e | e2 c2-|c2 A A | F2 A2-|A2 c B | A2 c B |
    w:wen' de ya ho_ wen' de ya ho_ wen' de ya wen' de
    A2 F A | c e f/2e/2 e | f/2e/2 e c2 | B2 A2-|A2 y y :]
    w:ya ho ho ho ho He ya ho He ya ho ya ya ya_

Prayer Note: Repeat to each of the four directions.

Arrangement Note: This melody is commonly sung in mode 5 pentatonic which is problematic when played upon the common mode 1 pentatonic flute. By changing one note, the second 'ho' in the lyrics, the melody now fits the basic scale of these flutes.