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    T:All Night, All Day
    C:African-American Spiritual - Arranged for NAF by John Sarantos
    A B =d e      |(f/2e/2) f =d2|B =d d/2B/2d/2B/2|=d d (B/2 A3/2)|
    w:Day is dy-in' in_ the west, An-gels watch-~in' ~o-~ver me, my ~L-~ord.
    A B =d e      |(f/2e/2) f =d2|f =d f/2d/2e/2c/2|=d4            |
    w:Sleep, my child, and take_ your rest, An-~gels watch ~in' ~o-~ver me.
    (A3/2 B/2 =d2)|(f3/2 e/2)  =d2|B =d d/2B/2d/2B/2|=d d (B/2 A3/2)|
    w:All_ night, all_ day, An-gels watch in' o-ver me, my ~L-~ord.
    (A3/2 B/2 =d2)|(f3/2 e/2)  =d2|f =d f/2d/2e/2c/2|=d2 x2         |]
    w:All_ night, all_ day, An-~gels watch in' o-~ver me.