R. Carlos Nakai
Join R. Carlos Nakai and FluteTree Foundation
  • Honor the Flute Trails, Trail Blazers and Trail Companions of our past
  • Co-create our present with group activities and mini-workshops
  • Begin the next stretch of our Flute Journey with newly acquired skills and renewed spirits.
  • And much more about this unique retreat . . .
The Flutes of Feathered Pipe Ranch

June 26, 2021 - July 2, 2021

Come grow and transform through the power of the Native American-style Flute at this historic retreat offered by R. Carlos Nakai and FluteTree Foundation, surrounded by the natural beauty that is Feathered Pipe Ranch.


Program Tuition & Accommodations: $1100

Registration is open to anyone with basic knowledge of playing the Native American Flute