Diatonic Native American Flutes

This songbook contains melodies that are accessible to the contemporarily tuned flutes that are made by Native Americans or inspired by them. If the tuning of your flute is described as Major Key or Diatonic, then this songbook should be of immediate use. Additional tunings can be found in other Flute songbooks found on FluteTree.

The melodies have been transcribed in "Toubat" Tablature, in honor the late Dr. Richard Payne who used this notation for transcribing melodies for his own enjoyment. A Kiowa elder, Abel Big Bow, gave Payne the name "Toubat", which is derived from the Kiowa word for "wind instrument" or "flute". A fitting name for Dr. Payne who spent much of his life preserving and sharing the flute.

Because different makers have different approaches to fingering, this songbook has a unique ability to switch between different fingering styles. In the upper righthand corner of each song, you will find the controls that will allow you to switch between fingerings.