Traditional Songs of the Zunis

was published by Wa-Wan Press in 1904. It contained four Zuni melodies that were trascribed and harmonized by Carlos Troyer. The most recognized melody of the set is The Sunrise Call, which many different arrangements have been recorded, both as a song and as a flute melody. Troyer's arrangement seems more elaborate than the contemporary recordings which seem to be contained with the boundaries of page 11. Other publications that have included Troyer's work, seem to only site the melody of page 11.

Images of this publication:

The FluteTree version of The Sunrise Song is also a short version. As it happens, the melody on page 11 transposes very easily to the NAF. Pages 12 and 13 are more problematic in this regard because they don't fit the range and scale of contemporary NAF. This longer version of the melody would require some arranging to fit.