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    T:This Old Man
    C:Traditional American Folksong
    C:Arranged for NAF by John Sarantos
    e c e2|e c e2|f e =d3/2 c/2|
    w:This old man, he played ONE, He played nick-nack
    w:~ ~ ~ ~ ~ TWO,
    w:~ ~ ~ ~ ~ THREE,
    w:~ ~ ~ ~ ~ to~TEN
    B c =d c/2d/2|     e A A/2A/2 A|
    w:on my THUMB with a Nick-nack pad-dy whack,
    w:on my SHOE
    w:on my KNEE
    w:on my DOOR
    w:on my HIVE
    w:on my STICKS
    w:up in HEAVEN
    w:on my GATE
    w:on my SPINE
    w:once_ AGAIN
    A/2B/2 c/2=d/2 e2|e B B =d|c B A2:]
    w:give a dog a bone, This old man came roll-ing home.