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    T:The Red River Valley
    C:Traditional Folksong
    C:Arranged for NAF by Julia Gatliff
    F B|d2 d d|d2 c d|c B3-|B2 !breath!y y F B|
    w:From the val-~ley, they say you are go-~ing._ I will
    d2 B d|f2 e d|c4-|c2 !breath!y y f e|
    w:miss your bright eyes and sweet smile,_ For they
    d2 d c|B2 c d|(f e3-)|e2 !breath!y y ^A A|
    w:say you are tak-~ing the sun-~shine_ That has
    F2 ^A B|c2 d c|B4-|B2 !breath!y y :]
    w:bright-ened our path-way a-while_
    W:Come and sit by my side if you love me
    W:Do not hasten to bid me adieu.
    W:But remember the Red River Valley
    W:and the girl that has loved you so true.
    W:2) I have promised you, darling, that never
    W:Shall the words from my lips cause you pain,
    W:And I swear I will love you forever
    W:If you only will love me again.
    W:Come and sit by my side...
    W:3) I've been thinking a long time, my darling,
    W:of the sweet words you never would say.
    W:Now alas! must the found hopes all vanish?
    W:For they say you are going away.
    W:Come and sit by my side...
    W:4) When you think of the valley you're leaving?
    W:O, how lonely, how sad it will be.
    W:When you think of the fond heart you're breaking
    W:and the grief you are causing to me!
    W:Come and sit by my side...
    W:5) From this valley you say you are going,
    W:when you go, may your darling go to?
    W:Would you leave her behind unprotected,
    W:when she loves no other but you.
    W:Come and sit by my side...
    W:6) As you go to your home by the ocean,
    W:may you never forget those sweey hours,
    W:that we spent in the Red River Valley,
    W:and the love we exchanged 'nd the flow'rs.
    W:Come and sit by my side...