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    T:Good Christian Men, Rejoice
    C:Traditional German Carol
    C:Arranged for NAF by John Sarantos
    =c|=c2 c|e2 =f|(=g2 a|=g2) g|=c2 c|
    e2 =f|(=g2 a|=g3)|=g2 (a|=g2) =f|e2 =d|
    =c3|=d2 d|e2 =d|=c2 =d|e3|=g2 (a|=g2) f|
    e2 =d|=c2 c|=d2 d|e2 =d|=c2 =d|e3|A2 A|
    B2 B|=c3|=g3|e2 e|=d2 d|=c3-|=c2 |]

Arrangement Note: This arrangement shifted the melody up a minor 3rd to avoid the often difficult half-hole note. In exchange for this adaption, the fingering has become more complicated with many cross-fingerings. This songbook also provides a half-hole version of the melody.