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    T:C. C. Rider
    C:Traditional Folksong
    C:Arranged for NAF by John Sarantos
    f3 e|=d A3|f e =d A|=c4|
    w:C. C. Rid-er, See what you have done.
    B3 =d|    e d3|=d e d B|A3 A/2A/2|
    w:C. C. Rid-er, see what you have done. Well you
    f f e/2 A3/2|B =d e d|=d4-|=d3 d/2e/2|
    w:made me love you, Now your wo-man's come._ C. C.
    f2 =d2|B =d e d|=d4-|=d z z2 |]
    w:Rid-er, see what you have done._