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2021.10.14: Improved the drawing of finger pictures to be easier to read, including rotating half-holes to be more noticable. All grace notes are annotated with finger pictures. And added one traditional melody:

2021.10.13: On this day in 1775, the Continental Congress established what became the United States Navy. In anticipation of US Veterans day which is about a month away, the songbook now includes service songs for each branch of the US Armed Forces.

Members of our flute community get requests to play these melodies in service and ceremony. Also many veterans have found a particular kind of peace thru the flute. There are a number of individuals that are involved with putting flutes in the hands of veterans. So with this in mind, we are honored to share these arrangements.

2021.09.25: Improved the ability to customize the finger pictures that appear on the sheet music. Extended the songbook engraving software to support Major Key flutes. Depending on the songbook, 3-hole to 7-hole flutes are now supported. Finger pictures for grace notes are now partially supported. Because Major Key flutes are supported, in the future it will be easier to add traditional melodies that were commonly played before Minor Key flutes became popular in the 1980s and teach some fingering conventions used by this earlier generation of players.

Melodies that have been recently added or have new variations...

Many of the other web repositories of Native American Flute songs have disappeared in the last few years. We sadly have retired our catalog of these songs and where you once could find them.

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